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Europeanization and judicial culture in contemporany democracies

edited by Manuel Gutan, Bianca Selejan Gutan
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ISBN/ISSN: 978-606-27-0150-5
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The idea of this volume came from the fruitful debates of the Exploratory Workshop, on the same topic, organised at the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu in October 2013, in which participated distinguished academics and practitioners from Romania and other European countries.

The balance between Europeanization and national judicial-cultural change, particularised to the Romanian case, is the central focus of this volume. Evaluated against some particular standards of Europeanization, especially as regards constitutional, human rights and methodological judicial standards, the contributions are trying to capture the challenges, difficulties and evolution of the Romanian judicial culture's Europeanization process. Mainly it is interesting to find out, on the one hand, whether the political-legal European engineering, aiming at formal political and normative uniformization, have been backed by the legal-cultural European engineering of judicial culture, and, on the other hand, how far the lack of judicial-cultural change is threatening the European legal and political integration. In this context, the contributors are not proposing a technical endeavour of comparing judicial cultures but rather a cultural immersion in the Romanian judicial culture. The final goals of the scientific analyses are primarily interpretative, sometimes explicative, but not curative. They aim at capturing a full picture of the contemporary Romanian judicial culture in European context, without necessarily finding out solutions to the existing Romanian European judicial-cultural deficit.

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